The qualities of the masseuse in a tantric massage

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The qualities of the masseuse in a tantric massage

About tantric massage and erotical use

Tantric massage is a combination of special techniques, a practical implementation of true transforming arts. Erotic massage is a combination of beauty and harmony, touch and pleasure.

A lot of beneficial effects derive from the diversity of aspects involved in a tantric massage.


From the care of the masseuse, her understanding way for the art of massage and also the creation of specific ambiance.

The masseuse as the main core of the erotic massage

Also masseuse capacity to raise the energies they work with are very important. In addition to the techniques and the ways that need to be known by the masseuse, there are also a note of uniqueness due to the characteristics of  each masseuse.

Due to the fact that tantric massage is a massage in which we meet beauty, harmony and good moods, masseuse should be able to concretize all these aspects during the time of the massage.

Therefore through the actions she undertakes the specific maneuvers and techniques, it does this and its specific way of being.

The masseuse will take care of the space to create a special, magical atmosphere and wakefulness harmonizing energy during the erotic massage.

The art of tantric and erotic massage


Masseuse must know the art of tantric massage very well. She must have one great ability to induce relaxation in the other person, to achieve therapeutic effects in and create a well-being in general.

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